Do You Have Sciatica? Don’t Jump Into Surgery Just Yet.

The posted link is an article about some research performed last year comparing chiropractic care to surgery for sciatic patients. In summary, the study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, found that chiropractic care was equally as effective as disk surgery when it came to correcting sciatic problems. I do want to emphasize that the people who performed this research were neurosurgeons, with only one chiropractor! So, let’s compare these two treatment options. Surgery is much more expensive at around $25,000. Surgery is much more dangerous. During a surgery there is the risk of injury to any body tissue, not to mention the potential dangers of anesthesia. Finally, spinal disc surgery is going to include significant bed rest time, leaving the patient out of work and unable to function. It only makes sense that surgery not be your first option for this condition. Read the article for yourself.

I was having some trouble getting the link to work correctly. If that happens to you, try to copy and paste the URL instead.

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