Eat More for Weight Loss

Eat more frequently, that is. It is the typical American practice to eat three meals each day: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Though this has become the common habit, that doesn’t mean it’s the correct way to eat. Eating three larger meals each day induces a blood sugar roller coaster, resulting in the spiking and dropping of insulin levels. You know that mid-afternoon fatigue? That’s the blood sugar drop. Not only does the traditional three meals drastically affect blood sugar, it also isn’t very helpful if you’re trying to lose weight.

What if you ate five or six smaller meals each day? Keep your usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner with smaller portions and add a little more at mid-morning and afternoon. The first benefit is that this will help keep your blood sugar and insulin levels at a more stabile level throughout the day, which translates into preventing that fatigue in the afternoon. And, for those of you trying to lose some weight, it also will boost your metabolism. Of course, you will want to make these extra meals healthier options, with a balance of complex carbohydrates and protein. Your goal is to keep yourself in a state of not being extremely hungry or full, but comfortable throughout the day. Give it a shot, break that habitual barrier, and eat in a more efficient way!

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